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   Welcome to Klein Oak's AFJROTC Home Page rated 3rd best overall novice unit!. TX-20006 was established on July 1, 2000. Our instructors are Senior Aerospace Science Instructor: Colonel Le Blanc (United States Air Force/Retired) and Aerospace Science Instructor: Master Sergeant Barcroft (United States Air Force/Retired). To view more information on ROTC origins, please click here. To view the mission statement for TX-20006, please click here. Before you leave the site be sure to sign our guest book!

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Klein Oak AFJROTC cadets can participate in award winning : Drill Team ,Color Guard, Physical Training Team (PT), Orienteering Team,Rocketry, and Awareness Presentation Team (APT).

  1. Drill Team is commanded by: C/Capt Christian M. Barnett
  2. Male Color Guard is commanded by: C/Capt Scott C. Duckworth
  3. Female Color Guard is commanded by: C/1Lt Andrea L. Taylor
  4. Orienteering Team is commanded by: C/Capt Mark D. Cusimano
  5. Rocketry Team is commanded by: C/Capt Adam P. Downs
  6. Physical Fitness is commanded by: C/Capt Christopher L. Malone
  7. Awareness Presentation is commanded by: C/Capt Dee Dee M. Horner
  8. Academics Team is commanded by: C/1Lt Michael Schoetz
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Drill Meet Success!
   Saturday, the 24th of March, we competed with many surrounding schools and one from Louisiana in drill team, physical training, academics, and color guard. All teams did an outstanding job as well as their team leaders. This was the last meet for us this year and next year, we are going to be ready to tackle anything. We now have experience! Our Group Commander Letasha Jamison won 3rd place in the Knockout Drill Competiton! Below is a list of this years awards (in no particular order).
  1. Tomball Classic 2001 New Inspection 3rd Place
  2. Tomball Classic 2001 New Male Color Guard 2nd Place
  3. Tomball Classic 2001 New Overall 3rd Place
  4. Tomball Classic 2001 New Color Guard Test 2nd Place
  5. Sheldon "Salute to Veterans" Drill Meet (NOVICE) Unarmed Regulation Drill 4 Nov 2000 3rd Place
  6. Ellington Drill Meet - Academics 2nd Place

Confidence Course
   Well, for about 75% of us, the Confidence Course at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio Texas, was a wake up call for our physical fitness. Most of us payed the price on Saturday morning when we woke up and felt all the muscles we hadn't used were sore. However, it was very fun and another learning experience for the unit. Even though some of us came out of the course a little more wet then when we started, we all left with a little bit more of pride. If you would like to post a comment on the trip or the Confidence Course, please visit the message board.

We will soon be starting to learn about WWII and beyond. This era in our history will be taught to us by Colonel Le Blanc. Below is a list of interesting links regarding WWII on the battlefield, as well as the home front.
  1. Germany's WWII Weapons
  2. Armored Fighting Vehicles Page
  3. Juggernauts of the Second World War
  4. Signals Collection '40-'45
  5. World War II: The Homefront
  6. World War II: Timeline great!
  7. WWII Home Front Museum

    "One front and one battle where everyone in the United States - every man, woman, and child - is in action. That front is right here at home, in our daily lives."

    -U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
    in address to the nation,
    Aprile, 1942

Atomic Bomb after depletion

An artists idea of the Internation Space Station when completed in 2003
Our unit just recently visited Johnson Space Center in Houston. You either attended the Nasa over night or the day trip most cadets took. Either way, we learned numerous things and below are a few links pertaining to what we learned.

  1. NASA Home Page
  2. Space Station Reference
  3. Space Shuttle Reference

You may also post a comment about your experience to NASA. To do so, you must register on our message board and then proceed to post a message. Click here.

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